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Join thorgillsThorgills is an organisation built on traditional values. This means we believe strongly in giving back to our local community; be it through our regular charity work, committing sponsorship to local schools and sports foundations, or providing a safe and fair place of business for local residents. As a market leader, we feel it is our duty to constantly be improving standards within our industry, this begins at home, in West London.

We believe in absolute equality, rewarding every member of the team accordingly, be it through professional progression, through their individual personal growth programme or our Thorgills dream academy. The Thorgills team are the Thorgills brand and we ensure that at every opportunity our brand is represented in a positive and professional manner.

Join thorgillsEvery member of the Thorgills team embarks on a personal growth programme, aligned with a business that continues to grow, our team constantly strive to better themselves, both in a business and personal environment. We believe in a culture of development and improvement, we know we aren’t perfect and we don’t believe it is possible to be, but the harder we work, the closer we can get.

With a committed and engaged work force, Thorgills are able to grow and improve on our already outstanding service levels. Training, development and motivation are at the core of Thorgills belief system, with internal promotion the only route to management, we ensure we are able to incentivise our teams to the best of their ability. Particular emphasis is placed on service levels and ensuring that at all times the Thorgills differentiator is not our impressive list of services, but the deliverance of those services.

As Thorgills continue to grow, opportunities arise for talented individuals from all walks of life. We do not recruit based on skill or experience, but personality. Whilst many other companies would see experience as an advantage, we see it as nothing more than a base to begin working from. When you join Thorgills, you realise there is so much more to this industry then you thought possible.

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