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New starters at Thorgills complete our induction programme which explains the company’s background, values and future plans. You will learn about how we interact with clients, applicants, contractors and other team members and you will find out about the various departments within the company. The aim of the induction programme is not only to furnish you with the basic knowledge that you will need on your first day in branch, but also to give you an understanding of what it means to work at Thorgills.

For the majority of roles within Thorgills, learning by doing is the best way to become proficient. Always with the guidance of a more experienced team member by your side, you will be interacting with members of the public from your first day to help you find your communication style, practise using our processes and ultimately to build your confidence straight away in your new position.

Once you have settled in you will take part in an intensive three day training course which will build on the basics that you have picked up in branch. Here you will learn about the reasoning behind our procedures, carry out research into how we can improve our existing practice and develop new skills which you can put into action when you are back in your branch.

training and development

Training at Thorgills is not just for new starters. Every fortnight each team member receives training from the Managing Director in a group session which focus on anything from developing personal skills to learning updated industry legislation. In addition to this there are regular training sessions for individual improvement, such as persuasive writing or public speaking which help ambitious team members to prepare for progression in the company.

To aid your ongoing development you will have weekly informal meetings with your manager to assess your progress, celebrate success and identify opportunities for improvement. This regular feedback maintains an open dialogue about the quality of your work and enables you to always put your effort where it is needed. Quarterly formal appraisals provide a chance to discuss your performance and career direction in more detail and are highly rated by current team members.

Performance management is an integral part of every company, but at Thorgills we take it one step further by conducting personal development meetings at quarterly intervals. Unlike appraisals which focus on goals at work, these meetings are about reaching targets in your personal life, such as improving fitness, increasing savings or developing a new interest. By receiving coaching, guidance and regular support from team members at work to help you reach your personal goals, you are more likely to reach them and therefore make the most of your spare time away from the branch.

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