Spark Energy

Spark Energy is a market-leader in providing energy to UK tenants. Spark Energy works with Thorgills to set up electricity and gas accounts for new tenancies so that tenants are relieved of the burden of organising energy suppliers when they move into their new home.

Spark Energy provide a ‘Better than the Big Six’ price promise which means that tenants are always on the most competitive price plan. They also offer tenants expert advice on how to manage their energy accounts.

For landlords, the benefit of tenants using Spark Energy is that when the tenancy ends, Spark Energy will provide free gas and electricity for up to 28 days per void period. This means that landlords can arrange any necessary maintenance required between tenancies and the property will be warm and well-lit for viewings. An additional benefit is that Spark Energy accounts are linked to the tenant, not the property, so landlords are not involved with the tenant’s account at any stage.