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What are short lets?

There are a number of lettings solutions available to suit the needs of any family or individual, one popular option is the short term let. Thorgills in-house corporate & relocation specialists are available to assist and make the moving process a hassle-free one. At any given time we have a selection of properties available that are specifically selected for a short-term, professional and efficient stay in the West London area. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your particular requirements and we’ll do our best to wow you with some great options.

Whats the difference between long let and short let?

A short let is when a property is rented out for weeks or months, as opposed to the more common 12-month lease. A short let will have a rental agreement that the tenant will need to sign, and often will have many of the same rules and regulations as a longer term let has about keeping the property in the condition that it was found. Short lets may be offered for business travelers staying in a town for a short fixed contract, or may also be offered for holiday apartments and houses.

What are the benefits of a short let?

There are many benefits to short-term letting for both tenants and landlords. For a tenant, a short let means that they have the comfort and security of a home away from home whilst they are away for an extended period of time. Unlike a hotel, a short let allows them to come and go as they please. For landlords, a short let offers plenty of flexibility for those who may want to take up residence in their property again quickly, or are nervous about renting their property out for the first time, as the tenant will only be in the property for a short while

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