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Thorgills' fees are set out in full detail in our terms and conditions of business, which we will provide at your request. Under Thorgills’ terms and conditions, a client is liable to pay commission fees to Thorgills for the initial period of the tenancy and also for periods after the end of that initial period when the original tenant introduced by Thorgills remains in occupation whether under a new agreement, or when the initial agreement is extended, or when the tenant is allowed to hold-over (all of these being "renewals"). Where there is more than one tenant, renewal commission will be payable in full where any or all of them remain in occupation. Renewal commission will be charged in advance. The client will be liable to pay Thorgills' renewal commission fees whether or not any renewal is negotiated by Thorgills. This includes if a renewal is negotiated by another agent, and if the client does not require Thorgills to perform any additional services over and above the introduction of a tenant.  

The following fees are calculated as a percentage of the total rental income for the length of the agreed tenancy term: 

Long Term Lettings Services (for an initial term of six months or longer)

The client can choose either our Lettings Service or our Premium Lettings Service, and if latter is chosen, the client can also choose one of our Property Management services. Fees are payable by the client for the period of the initial agreed tenancy term, and for subsequent renewals as detailed above. 

Lettings Service - 11% + VAT (13.2% inc. VAT) collected in advance 

Premium Lettings Service – 12% + VAT (14.4% inc. VAT) collected in advance 

Property Management Service – additional 6% + VAT (7.2% inc. VAT) collected monthly 

Premium Property Management Service – additional 7% + VAT (8.4% inc. VAT) collected monthly 

Short Term Lettings Service (for an initial term of less than six months)

The fee payable for Short Term Lettings includes Property Management as standard. Fees are payable by the client for the period of the initial agreed tenancy term, and for subsequent renewals as detailed above. 

Short Term Lettings Service (including Property Management Service) 26% + VAT (31.2% inc. VAT) collected in advance 

An annual fee of £245 + VAT (£294 inc. VAT) is payable by the client for tenancy administration and deposit protection. Thorgills reserves the right to charge a withdrawal fee of £700 + VAT (£840 inc. VAT) if the client declines an offer of the required rent.


Thorgills are members of The Property Ombudsman. 

Thorgills offers client money protection provided by the UK Association of Letting Agents. 

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