Corporate & Relocation

Corporate and relocation services are services offered by some companies to help businesses with relocating employees, as well as various other services to do with finding leases for businesses and professionals. Thorgills offers a complete corporate and relocation service to suit a range of needs, from long and short-term tenancies to film and television contracts.

What corporate and relocation services offer

A company offering relocation services will help any employee relocate to a different branch of their company, offering a tailored package which keeps both the employer and the employee in the loop, and makes the move as comfortable and simple as possible. This helps to take a lot of the stress out of moving and enables both parties to complete the relocation without it affecting their output.

Corporate & relocation services can find homes, schools and nurseries, help with removals, and help to set up and close down accounts with utilities providers. Companies offering these services may also have plenty of local knowledge to help the employee settle in comfortably, and there will be ongoing support after the move to ensure that the employee is happy in their new location.

How Thorgills can help with corporate and relocation services

Thorgills offers a range of solutions for lettings, ensuring that all current legislation is honoured. We are able to take care of things like company lets, family lets, insurance claims and premium leases, as well as relocation services and long-term leases.

Thorgills primarily deals with new homes in London, either new builds or those which have been extensively renovated in the past ten years. This offers those looking for corporate services the opportunity to find homes which suit the needs of their employees, whatever the reason for the move, which are modern and stylish and in good condition. Not only this, but Thorgills has extensive knowledge, primarily of the West London area, which will help businesses to set up everything needed to get a home up and running as quickly as possible.

Finally, Thorgills can also take charge of setting up an international bank account for anyone moving to a different country. In association with MetroBank, this process is as quick as it can be, with the account generally set up on the spot and able to be used easily straight away.