At Thorgills we’re always on the lookout for talent. We only promote from within, meaning all our managers have learnt their trade at Thorgills and have received exceptional training, positioning themselves to achieve the best results for our clients.

As a constantly growing company, there is always a position to be filled, generally filling a gap left by a promotion. If you believe you would be suited to any of the below roles, please get in touch by sending your CV to

Team member case studies

Tomek - Lettings Manager


Hi, I am Tomek Cole, a 26 year-old West London resident, and a proud member of the Thorgills team. After leaving University I struggled to find my feet really, working in various industries in various places and really lacking a clear direction. I took a sales role with a large corporate company and although I enjoyed the sales aspect, I was not interested by the product we were selling and therefore quickly became uninterested. I was then introduced to Thorgills through a good friend of my brothers, Simon Zikri, an area manager now here at Thorgills. With a keen interest in sales and the property market already, I took the offer of an interview with open arms. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise (thank you Simon!), as I have been a happy member of the team ever since.

The recruitment process was relatively simple and straight forward. I had a phone interview followed by two in-person interviews with different managers here. Luckily, they all went well (I think!) and I was offered the role within a few weeks. From that point it was really just taking it 1% at a time and trying to absorb as much as possible quickly. The training and development side of things was a big factor as to why I chose Thorgills over other companies and this was proved correct in my first few weeks and months. I always had someone to ask when I was stuck and my sales skills and knowledge of the property market grew incredibly quickly incredibly fast! In a sales role it is imperative that you learn quickly, and here at Thorgills I had all the tools to do so to hit the ground running. I have been a Lettings broker here for just over 2 years and still feel like I’m still learning something new every day. Having worked hard to try and master the art of being a broker, I now lead the Brentford lettings team; a challenge I am relishing!

There are a number of reasons I like working at Thorgills. The pay structure is very rewarding and I like the fact that the harder you work, the more money you ultimately make. The development side of things is brilliant, and you always feel like you know what you’re working towards and motivated. Finally, and most importantly, is the people. I get on really well with everyone that works here, and it is a really nice feeling to know everyone in the organisation and feel like a real member of the team. I believe the sky is the limit for Thorgills from here, so if you feel like a new challenge, join the ride!

Alice - Head of Administration


Before joining Thorgills in December 2012 my work life was very different. Colleagues would be surprised to hear that instead of the high heels I wear to work now my work uniform consisted of a tracksuit and trainers whilst at college normal attire was Army wear. I worked as a Customer Assistant at Sports Direct whilst studying for a Level 3 Diploma of Uniformed Public Services, certain that I’d one day end up as a ‘Combat Barbie’ Medic in the Armed Forces. Once I had qualified in my college course I began looking for more stable employment as I felt a little young at 18 to be applying for the Army. Through mutual friends I secured an interview as an administrator at Thorgills head office and I’ve not looked back since…

I started my Thorgills career in a non-customer facing office in Brentford. The team consisted of a renewals consultant, the managing director and myself. I personally believe that my journey with Thorgills is unique as when I started we were a small but ‘up and coming’ organisation and in the past five years we are now recognised as a leading agent in West London.

Having had no prior experience in the industry I feel I’ve learned and developed from the best of the best by having the opportunity to work directly underneath the Managing Director. I have had the chance over the last few years to experience almost all job positions within the back office department (property management, branch-coordinating, accounts, letting and sales file progression and over all due-diligence) all of which I have thoroughly enjoyed. I have also obtained a qualification in Level 3 Residential Letting and Property Management which I am particularly proud of. I feel by having involvement in each of the listed departments this had helped me to fully understand the industry as well as grow within the Thorgills team.

I particularly enjoy working at Thorgills because I think we’re a pro-active agent that provides a fun yet professional working environment. I can safely say I have never worked for a company before which offers so many incentives that makes you want to come to work each day. Luckily enough I have had the opportunity to be a part of quarterly staff nights out, bonus trips abroad, regular training and development, weekly catch ups with a line manager as well as being encouraged to give staff feedback to see how we can continue to improve ourselves as individuals as well as the service that we offer to our clients.

I hope that I can continue to further my knowledge and understanding of the industry over the coming years at Thorgills, as well as enhancing my skills. I admittedly feel attached to the company as I have seen first-hand how much we can achieve within a short space of time and I’m eager to see what the future holds.

Reggie - Sales Manager


So, let me introduce myself. I am Ranjeev Bhanot (Reggie to most) 34 years of age young and have lived in West London all my life. Now apart from being smart, handsome and extremely witty, I am also employed by Thorgills and am a proud member of the Thorgills team. Having worked for a large corporate organisation for over 9 years in sales I become merely a number and felt it was time for a change and new challenge.

I had always held a strong interest in the property market and this combined with my sales experience made it logical sense for me to me to join the world of Estate Agency and that's when I came across Thorgills. They were hiring for brokers to join one of their offices and they stood out immediately from the rest. It was clear that they prided themselves on training and development (backed up by the awards they had received) but after just a few initial conversations with the team and my subsequent first interview with Ben Madden it was also evident that they were looking for what I call 'value adders' and not someone to make up the numbers. Thorgills were transparent too and made no bones that I would have to work hard and be committed to the role, but the underlying message was clear, if I had the drive and determination to succeed then they would be with me every step of the way and help me flourish. Here I am almost three years later demonstrating the proof of those words, having been promoted to Trainee Manager and subsequently Sales Manager.

I have not just learnt how to sell property but how to be an excellent well rounded Sales Broker. From going out on viewings to obtaining offers and tying up deals, progressing sales files and speaking to solicitors, surveyors and our own vendors, to recently undertaking new valuations in order to secure more properties for the company and sales team. My time at Thorgills has taught me more than I could have hoped for all whilst being thoroughly enjoyable at the same time, and it's clear why. There are regular staff socials where you get to meet all of your fellow colleagues, from go karting to man vs food challenges there's a great vibe where you really do feel comfortable and part of a team. This mixed with the great incentives up for grabs, winning a trip to Barcelona recently, amongst dinner at Gauchos and a personal favourite the Oxo Tower, make Thorgills an even better place to work, for you know your hard work is recognised and not going unrewarded.

Thorgills continues to grow and, as I have witnessed first-hand, has a policy of promoting from within when someone has the right attitude and ability. All current members of the management team have begun their Thorgills career in an entry-level position and have had their hard work and success rewarded with more opportunities to develop. Now as a manager I am still benefitting from the same award-winning training and support that helped me get to this level and this, coupled with my determination, focus and of course my dashing good looks will help me to further progress within my current role.


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