Advice For Tenants

Renting in London can be a frustrating experience, not to mention a costly one. There are hundreds of thousands of flats in the capital and the quality varies pretty drastically from place to place, so finding the right one for you can be time consuming and tricky. Then, when you move in, you may have to contend with troublesome flatmates, noisy neighbours or unhelpful landlords. Here at Thorgills, we have been servicing West London for years now, so we know what makes for a smart rental choice. To ensure you get the best possible tenancy experience when you move to London, keep our advice in mind.

Choosing where in London to live

More than any other city in the world, choosing the right area for you is incredibly crucial in London due to its sheer size. Before you move, make a list of the things most important to you in a property, from proximity to work and shopping to local attractions and night-life. Keep these factors at the centre of your search as you decide where to live, or you could find yourself stranded in a part of the city very unsuitable to your needs.

Finding the right home

Once you find a property in which you are interested, you have to move quickly to organise a viewing. The property market moves at a breathless pace in London, so you should prepare to make yourself available to view at a moment's notice. If you work 9-5 this can prove a tricky business, but the more flexible you are with your schedule, the better chance you have of finding the right place in quick time.

Understanding the terms of your tenancy agreement

It goes without saying that you should be sure you thoroughly understand your tenancy agreement in its entirety before you sign on the dotted line. Do your research and be sure that, when you work out the entire monthly property price (including bills, council tax, etc.), you are still within your price range. Also, make sure you fully understand all rules related to behaviour in the house, such as: moving out, guests, damage and pets. This will prevent any unfortunate misunderstandings further down the line, particularly in shared accommodation.

Protecting your deposit

Though many tenants are not aware of this, there is actually a law in the UK that protects your deposit. Under this scheme, every landlord must use a government approved scheme to keep your deposit secure, regardless of their own financial situation. Don't be afraid to ask what protection scheme they are using to ensure your money is safe.

Renting in London might seem like a scary prospect, particularly if it's your first time in the capital, but with some smart planning and forward thinking, you can be sure you get the right place at the right price.