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Thorgills’ in-house administration team provides landlords and sellers with convenient professional assistance during a transaction.

How do we support landlords?

For landlords, our administration team ensures that the property meets current legislation by checking, and ordering if necessary, an Energy Performance Certificate and a gas safety check. The team can also arrange a Legionnaire’s disease risk assessment, an electrical safety check and a professional clean. We can install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and complete a full inventory of the property’s contents and condition. Finally, if any furniture, repairs or renovations are required, the administration team can organise these for you.

How do we support tenants?

Our administration team also ensures that your proposed tenant is ready to move into your property. We carry out thorough employment references, previous landlord references and we check proofs of address, accountants’ statements and identity documents, all to give you the most information possible to approve your new tenant.

How do we support sellers and buyers?

For sellers, the administration team gives you peace of mind by project-managing the conveyancing process. You will receive regular updates about the progress of your sale or purchase, including details of transactions throughout any related chain. Whether this is the first or fifteenth time you are buying or selling, our team will communicate with solicitors, mortgage brokers, surveyors and managing agents to ensure the sale or purchase moves swiftly and you will be kept updated every step of the way.


Inventory services


At Thorgills we offer a comprehensive, reliable and high quality inventory service to all Landlords. Our inventory reports provide in depth information and a full set of property photos, obligatory to protect all parties involved. We compile a detailed report of all fixtures and fittings as well as all contents at the property. The report will contain a detailed general schedule of condition, a thorough description of ceilings, walls, carpets, flooring, light fittings, paintwork, radiators, and windows will also be included. All of the furniture and contents of the property as well as their condition will also be included.

A completed property inventory offers protection to all parties, ensuring zero room for interpretation at the end of a tenancy when discussing dilapidations.


Cleaning services


Thorgills' professional cleaners are experts in delivering the best quality service, be it end of tenancy, beginning of tenancy or midterm cleaning. Prices are based on property size and can vary depending on condition, we politely request all clients outline as early as possible any potential excess cleaning requirements. We are also able to offer services such as balcony or railings cleaning. Should you have questions please contact the administration team.

A new tenancy should always begin with the property presented in a professionally cleaned fashion, ensuring that it is returned in the same condition.


Energy Performance Certificate


A legal requirement, every property requires an energy performance certificate, available for viewing 28 days after marketing commences.


Gas Safety Certificate


A legal requirement, all gas appliances at a property must be inspected on an annual basis and before any tenant moves in to a property. Inspections must be completed by an engineer who is certified by the gas safety register.


Legionnaire's Disease Risk Assessment


A legal requirement, all properties are required to have a legionnaire risk assessment completed before the commencement of a tenancy and at any time when there is any potential risk.


Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors


Smoke alarms are a legal requirement in every property rented in the private rented sector, with a minimum of one to be found on each floor of the property. Carbon monoxide detectors are also a legal requirement and must be fitted in any room that contains a solid fuel burning appliance. All detectors must be tested before each new tenancy and become the responsibility of the tenant during the tenancy.

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