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If this summer is anything like last year, we expect you'll be getting a lot of use out of your garden in the coming weeks, so we’ve put together a few tips to help you make the most of your outside space.

1) The right grounding

Before you go out and start purchasing new flowers and shrubs for your garden, it is important to have an idea of the soil that you will be planting in.

Different plants will thrive in different environments, and the consistency of your soil will be a key player in this. Is your soil light and sandy, or heavier with elements of clay? This, as well as the amount of light which the new plants will receive, should be kept in mind before you go and make any expensive purchases.

2) Put the ‘plan’ in ‘plant’

That old adage of “fail to plan and plan to fail” exists for a reason; it rings true amongst many of us. The same is applicable for when you are upgrading your garden – planning on how you are going to use the space will mean that you maximise your outdoor area.

Decide what you are going to use the space for and segment it appropriately. Eating areas, planting areas and water features all make a garden more pleasant, but if there is not enough room between each then the space becomes overcrowded and less appealing.

3) The perfect lawn

When we think of a quintessential British garden, we immediately think of a lush and healthy grassy area. If you’re yearning for a luscious lawn, then you’ll need to ensure that you water your green areas regularly. The optimum time to water your lawn is between 4am and 8am, so you may need to get up a little earlier in the morning!

The hot weather we’re expecting this summer may also affect your lawn. Any temperature above 30 degrees will stunt growth, and even temperatures from 26 degrees onwards can also have a negative impact. To keep your lawn healthy, try cutting it less frequently – instead, leave the grass a little longer to prevent the soil from drying out.

4) Sitting areas

One of the easiest ways to spend a little more time in your garden is to create an outdoor sitting space. Whether you’re simply buying a table and chairs or installing a full decking area, this can completely transform the feel of your garden.

If you already have a suitable surface such as paving or decking then purchasing a table and chairs will be an inexpensive way to create outdoor living space, but don’t despair if you need to spend a little more to create suitable grounding for your table. Buying stones or pebbles and some tarpaulin to lay them upon is a very cost-effective manner to provide a nice zone for seating. If you look in your local supermarkets as well as the DIY stores, you may find a bargain as they often provide better value for money during seasonal offers.

5) A shed load of storage!

If you’re looking to make the most of your garden this spring and summer, then a shed might seem like it should be the last item on your list of priorities. However, a shed can offer valuable storage and organisation to your garden that will encourage you to make the most of the space.

Having your gardening tools easy to access and your outdoor supplies organised will make your outdoor living much easier, as you can maximise your space and keep your unsightly tools out of sight.

In addition to this, a shed can be a beautiful piece of garden architecture, especially if you go bold on the colour and choose pastels such as blue or pink for that “country cottage” kind of chic that looks wonderful in all types of garden. In addition, adding some stylish bunting to the shed will enhance the overall aesthetic, and can be extended to other parts of your garden to create a more cohesive look.