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Thorgills Hammersmith coffee morning took place in the last week of June and what a great success it was. Typically it was one of the few days in June to see rain, despite the down pour local residents were more than happy to stop buy for a chat and pick up a free morning coffee on their way to work.

We had a host people queuing up for their coffee fix; including vendors, landlords, applicants and even two people enquiring about job vacancies. Naturally, there was some initial scepticism, as the saying goes "you don't get anything in this life for free" but not only were we giving away coffee, for a limited time we are also selling properties at 0% and offering free property management.

The numbers are limited on the Hammersmith launch offer, but there are still spaces available, so make sure you visit the branch to find out more information and will have a nice cup of coffee waiting for you.