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What is Credas?

In January, advanced identity verification checks will become compulsory for all estate agents as part of the government’s plans to improve anti-money-laundering controls.

To stay ahead of the curve, and to protect our clients, we have decided to improve our process early, and are now using the award-winning digital identity verification app Credas.

How does it work?

The Credas check is a quick and simple process, and all you’ll need in order to complete it is your smartphone or tablet. On the Credas app, you’ll be prompted to take a photo of your ID, and then take a photo of your face. The software will then be able to determine that your ID and the picture of your face are a match with each other.

The app will then prompt you to take another picture of yourself, this time also asking you to complete an action – for example, touching your nose or the top of your head. This allows the software to check that you are using the app live and that another person isn’t pretending to be you by using old photos of you.

Why is it better than previous checks?

Credas is a far more detailed and accurate way of verifying a person’s identity. The software is able to recognise over 4,000 different types of ID, and will spot a forgery far more easily than a person can. Its facial recognition technology is also able to accurately determine whether the picture and ID are a match, while the “liveness” test ensures that the person completing the check is the person being verified.

Credas is also highly secure, as they do not share the user’s ID with anyone. When a check has been completed, all we will see is a note from Credas that the user has either passed or failed, and an explanation why that is the case.

Credas is more convenient than the existing process. Previously, the only way you could verify your identity was by meeting us in person, or paying for a solicitor to sign a copy of your ID. Now, you can do it remotely in a matter of seconds, without having to travel to see us.

When will I do a Credas check?

If you are looking to sell or let your property with us, you’ll use Credas to verify your identity before we put your property on the market. Buyers will use Credas when they put their first offer forward, and tenants will complete the check as part of our referencing process.

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