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Thorgills recently noticed on a local facebook group that there was an 11 year old boy named Kamil living in the local community, who sadly has an on-going battle with a terminal brain tumour. Naturally, we had to get in touch to see if there was anything we could do or offer Kamil's family.

As part of his bucket list, Kamil wanted to ride in a hot air balloon. We commented to confirm that we would love to help this dream come true and send him to the skies. However, once we began to look into this, due to height restrictions Kamil was a little too short to be able to ride in the hot air balloon.

Still wanting to help Kamil tick something off his busket list, we decided to send him and his family on a weekend trip to Legoland in April. Dominika, Kamil's mother sent us an email to say 'We have just come back from our trip to legoland, thank you for helping us create special moments with our family. We had a fun two days.' We are delighted that Kamil's family had such a fantastic time at Legoland and that we were able to help create some lovely memories for them all.

At Thorgills, community and social engagement sit at the ethos of our organisation, we don't have an open cheque book and cannot guarantee we'll be able to help with every cause, but should you want to discuss any area where you think we could help, please get in touch.