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You may have noticed over the last couple of months that the FIA’s logo has started appearing on our property photos – but who are the FIA?


The Federation of Independent Agents, or the FIA, is a group of non-competing independent estate agents across the country who share support, ideas and services. No two agents are from the same area, which encourages them to collaborate to enable all members to better serve their clients in their individual markets.

As members of the FIA, we’re able to provide additional services to our clients, including our new online valuation tool, as well as helping them stay compliant with the constantly-changing legislations affecting the property industry.


Membership of the FIA is by invitation only, as not all agents meet their high standards of customer service and success. Members are chosen based on a number of criteria, but two factors are particularly important: our ability to sell and rent properties for our clients, and our excellent reviews, which you can read here.

The FIA badge on our listings is therefore an assurance that we are a top-performing agent, and that we will conduct our business for you in a professional and compliant manner. Only one agent in each area is invited to join the FIA, so you won’t find anyone else in West London with this seal of approval.


As well as only admitting top-performing agents into its ranks, the FIA is also committed to ensuring that its members continue to improve.

As part of our membership, we receive regular assessment by the FIA, which has meant that our already high standards have been raised even further.

In addition to this, the FIA offers a qualification to help its members build on their knowledge of industry legislation, compliance and best practice. All of our team have either completed this qualification or are working towards it, meaning we’re even better placed to help our clients with any queries they may have.


If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of working with an FIA-affiliated agent, you can contact our sales team here and our lettings team here.