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Normally when we redecorate, we’re thinking about making our home fit better with our way of life and our ideas of style. However, if you’re thinking of selling or letting your property, redecorating can also be a great way of adding value, as making improvements to your home can attract greater interest from potential buyers.

Solve existing issues
Rather than jumping straight to improving the aesthetic of particular rooms in order to make them stand out, the first step in adding value to your home should be to address any existing problems it may have.

It may have less cosmetic impact, but a house with a leaking roof, subsidence or damp will struggle to achieve a strong asking price due to the perceived costs and effort in fixing the issues. As a result you should assess your property and ensure there are no major defects, to give it the best chance of achieving a high price - as buyers will not be scared away by problems, and cannot use potential defects to negotiate a lower price.

Central heating
Take a look at the central heating system in your house - does it look modern and fit-for-purpose or is it on its last legs? If your central heating isn’t quite up to scratch, then replacing it is a sure-fire way to add value to your property as it is another issue which often discourages potential buyers. Although the initial outlay for refitting your central heating may seem high, you should more than recover these costs when selling your home as the new system will assure buyers that it is well cared-for.

Extra space
Adding additional living space will always attract potential buyers as this offers them versatility in the way in which they will use the property. However, converting a loft or garage, or building an extension, is often the most expensive improvement you can make to your home so we would recommend doing some research first.

Take a look at similar properties in your area which have had extensions added to them, and find out the prices they have been selling for recently. Adding an extension can increase the value of your home by thousands of pounds, but there will be a ceiling price that properties in your area can achieve so we would encourage you to make sure there is the potential to recoup the cost of your extension before going ahead with the work.

Kitchens and bathrooms
Modernising your kitchen and bathrooms will also add considerable value to your property, as well as generating interest from potential buyers – especially on websites like Rightmove where these photos always attract a lot of attention. Like extensions, however, installing a brand-new kitchen or bathroom can be a long and expensive project, so if you don’t want to spend as much you’ll need to update these rooms another way.

Cabinets can be repainted to give them a more modern feel, while refreshing the paint on the walls with neutral colours will create a bright and airy space – an effect which can be enhanced by adding mirrors to the walls. Even something as simple as upgrading the door handles can make these rooms feel newer.

If you’re looking to add value to your property without undertaking a large project, then picking up a paintbrush could be the answer. Freshen up the paintwork around your home, and check on any sealants to ensure they are crisp and clean. Cleaning up simple defects in this way will encourage potential buyers to see your property in an entirely different light, and most are willing to pay more for a home in excellent condition. This should extend to the frontage of your home, so ensure lawns are mowed and outside areas look cared for.