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While now is not the time for embarking on ambitious extension projects, it is still possible to add value to your home this spring. As many of us find ourselves working from home or on furlough leave, this is an excellent opportunity to complete some value-adding smaller jobs around the house - jobs that we don’t always have time for (or we tell ourselves we don’t have time for) in normal circumstances.

Spring cleaning

One of the biggest turn-offs for potential buyers is clutter. When a property is too full of furniture, toys and ornaments, it can be hard for buyers to visualise the space and where they would put their own belongings. If you use this time to clear out anything you no longer need or use, your home will look much more appealing when buyers start visiting your property after the lockdown is lifted – and plenty of local charity shops would appreciate anything you are able to donate.

As well as clearing your clutter, it’s important to do a bit of cleaning too. In addition to the usual chores of hoovering and sweeping, it’s a good idea to clean your windows – inside and out – and frames, as well as wiping down doors, radiators and other fittings, as these are often overlooked and you may be surprised how much of a difference this could make.


Once your property is clutter-free, perhaps the next best way to add value would be through decoration. We’d advise against anything too ambitious as you’ll probably need to do this yourself, but even a simple job such as re-painting a room can make a huge difference to the feel of your home.

If you’re not comfortable picking up a paint-roller – or if you can’t get hold of any paint – an even simpler option is available. Decorating your rooms with cushions, throws and ornaments in co-ordinated warm spring and summer shades will help to create welcoming spaces within your home which will leave an excellent impression on potential buyers. You can enhance this effect by placing flowers throughout your home, as these will not only add extra colour but will also make your property smell homely.

Now could also be a great time to experiment with rearranging your furniture. Since you’re likely to be spending a lot of time at home over the coming weeks, a change of layout may help to freshen up your living space and you may even find you prefer your new layout – and you’ll probably have plenty of time to move it back if you don’t like it!

The front

The appearance of the front of your home is hugely important, as it influences the first impressions of every buyer who visits your property. If you have the time to do so over the lockdown period, doing a few small jobs can have a big impact on how the front of your home looks.

Start by cleaning your front door, including the handle and the frame. This is especially important if it is a lighter colour, as marks and dirt will show more easily, but even darker doors will benefit from a scrub-down. If you have any paint left over from decorating inside, you may want to consider giving your door a fresh lick of paint.

The approach to your property shouldn’t be neglected. Remove any weeds from your front patio, driveway or path if you have one, and if you have a front garden with plants in you should ensure that these are neatly pruned and well-watered. If your home is accessed through a communal area, it may be a good idea to give this space a clean if possible.

Sprucing up the garden

If you have a garden, it is important to ensure it is presented in the best possible way – with restrictions on going outside fresh in the mind, gardens are considered major selling points now more than ever.

Keep your lawn tidy if you have one, and bring colour to your garden by planting flowers. If you have any garden furniture, such as a table and chairs, now is an excellent time to dust them off and give them a clean, as you’ll no doubt want to be spending more time outdoors as the weather improves – and this will also help prospective buyers imagine themselves doing the same.


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