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February can be a tough month for property management, with the cold weather often comes a wrath of maintenance, repair, heating and hot water issues, and naturally tenants want results immediately. The harsh, cold and bleak days don't add to the mood, but thanks to Thorgills streamlined property management department, we are able to react quickly to any issues reported. Our processes and excellent contractors mean we can offer estimates for any required works very quickly, resolving any concerns.

February saw our inspection clerk complete appointments at twenty of our managed properties and I'm delighted to say there weren't any nasty surprises. Unfortunately, the combination of cold weather, cranked up heating and poor use of ventilation, has led to a couple of instances of condensation creeping in. Having spotted this early, we are able to issue warnings and make instant recommendations to resolve the problem. 

The days are never quiet, with a host of other tasks that must be completed on a daily basis; such as ensuring all rents are paid on time, safety certificates completed and deposit dilapidations & releases dealt with accordingly. Perhaps most importantly though, we are always on hand to advise our clients on anything property related.

In a bid to drive up our service levels, all landlords and tenants now receive a customer service survey once a reported issue has been resolved. The feedback has been very positive, with real appreciation shown for the level and quality of commitment shown to get the job done. Naturally the feedback also offers us ways to work on improving further and grow the department accordingly. 

This month has also seen the introduction of earlier and more thorough landlord communication, specifically at the point of instruction. I now speak with every new landlord client within 24 hours of Thorgills instruction to market the property, as a chance to introduce myself and answer any early questions they may have. Other additional communication we have added this month includes speaking with all new tenants on the first day of their tenancy, seventh day and 28th day, to make sure they have settled in well and everything is exactly as they had hoped for. 

As the weather begins to improve, we are looking forward to a positive start to March and the continued growth and development of our property management offering.