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As the appointed Charity Officer at Thorgills I have always been keen to collaborate with a charity to help the homeless due to the nature of our business. There is something beautifully ironic about helping people that have nowhere to live when our business is built on selling and letting property.

Ealing Soup Kitchen is a charity that aims to help the homeless and vulnerable. The weekend soup kitchen has been running for over 40 years and is based at St John's Church in Ealing. Their Friday hub offers a drop in centre where they give away free clothes and practical items. They also offer help with housing/benefit and council advice. In addition to all of this the hub offers some much needed respite for its guests where they can socialise and develop relationships.

On 29th January 2016 Thorgills organised and held an event at the Friday hub. We went shopping beforehand to purchase enough food to feed up to 80 people and prizes for them to win at games of bingo that we had organised. Two Thorgills volunteers arrived at 12pm to prepare all the food and the other three volunteers arrived at 1pm to start welcoming the guests. After we had served 80 hot dogs our game of bingo commenced. We had made gift bags for the winners which included bath products, dry shampoo, socks and other useful items. As we had purchased so many prizes, we were able to give everyone that attended something to take away as a gift.

The event was not only very well received by the volunteers and workers of Ealing Soup Kitchen but also by the guests, who were extremely grateful that we had spent our time to come and see them. So many of them just appreciate being able to tell their story. We all had a very enjoyable afternoon and found the experience extremely rewarding in so many ways. We have decided to offer continue support to Ealing Soup Kitchen by arranging events every other month at the Hub.