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During the lockdown, our local community centres and charities have faced difficulties in providing the services on which many of our West London neighbours rely. We’ve spent the last couple of months doing what we can to help out – and you can and have been getting involved too.

Over the last few weeks have been collecting donations for the Homeless Centre based at the Brentford Baptist Church on Ealing Road, as they had reported a shortage of men’s clothes and basic homeware items. The response from the local community has been overwhelming – literally so, as we’ve had to stop collections twice because there wasn’t enough space to store them!

We’ve also collected donations of food for Hounslow Foodbox, and a variety of other clothing and household items which have helped charities including the Brentford Children’s Centre, the Riverside Vineyard in Feltham – which provides clothes for vulnerable children – and Mums, Bumps and Babies, an Ealing-based charity for vulnerable mothers and expectant mothers. 

We are currently unable to accept more donations at the present time due to a lack of space, but we’re aware that a lot of our neighbours would still like to help, so we will be in touch should we be able to resume collections.

Our next charity project is currently under way, as our Managing Director Ben and Head of Sales Daniel have kindly volunteered to have their heads shaved to raise money for the NHS. We’ve currently raised just over 50% of our £2,000 target, so please do donate if you can here.


We’ve also been doing what we can to help our local community, particularly through entertaining our neighbourhoods in our Facebook Live quizzes. We’ve begun hosting quizzes for pre-school and primary-school children, as we’ve not seen anyone else offering this – and we hope that it gives parents a chance to have a breather or a quick cup of tea. We host the quizzes at 3pm every Tuesday and Thursday, and you can join them on our Facebook page, ThorgillsHQ.

In addition, as we have noticed that it has become harder to source electricians, plumbers and gas safety experts during the lockdown, we have offered to help find contractors for our neighbours. If you are a landlord or homeowner, we can put you in touch with an emergency contractor in West London – even if we don’t currently manage your property. If you’re a tenant, you should check with your landlord in the first instance, as they may have a preferred contractor they would like to use, but if they are unable to find someone suitable please do encourage them to reach out to us.


If you know of any other charity or community projects in the local area which need support, and which we could help with, please get in touch with us here as we would love to help out if we can.