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The Brentford Festival was yet again another roaring success. Several members of the Thorgills team were more than happy to give up there Sunday morning to help out, this being the third year Thorgills have sponsored the event, we knew it would be a great day.

We arrived nice and early, setting up the picture boards and get the balloons blown up. One thing we have learnt from previous events, balloons are very very popular with kids of all ages, so we armed ourselves hundreds, personally I thought we might have had too many, but I've been wrong before.

The Thorgills picture boards proved to be a huge success with kids and adults alike. At one point we even had a small dog poke his head through one of the holes, something that was very popular with the dozen or so children that happened to be taking pictures at that time.

As the day went on the local residents arrived in there droves, safe to say before the day had finished we had ran out of balloons! A fantastic day was had by all, with a variety of activities to suit all ages, delicious food stalls and great music, we are already looking forward to the festival next year, as each year it seems to get bigger and better.