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Thank you to those of you who completed last month’s survey about your regular commutes to work.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the majority of our respondents told us they use public transport to get to work – with trains being the most popular method of transport. West Londoners are spoiled in this regard, as over 78% of homes in our area are located within 200 metres of a bus stop or train station.

A smaller but significant group of respondents reported that they either drive, cycle or walk to work. It is likely that these people represent those who work in one of the numerous business parks in the suburbs, including Chiswick Business Park or BSKyB’s Osterley campus, and who do not need the Underground to get to work.

This group may be larger than is representative of West London as a whole, since our position as a corporate property specialist means we work with a disproportionately high number of people relocating to work in the West London area.

Most of our respondents stated that their commutes take either 45-60 minutes, or over an hour, which would tie in with the fact that many of them are using public transport to reach work in Central London. Those who recorded commutes of up to 30 minutes are likely to be those who drove, cycled, walked or took the bus to places of work within West London.

Thinking ahead to their next move, all of our respondents stated that it was important for them to reduce their commute. This is hardly surprising – after all, nobody is likely to say they want to commute for longer!

Londoners in particular are likely to want to reduce their commutes as theirs tend to be longer than those of their counterparts across the country. Nationwide, a third of tenants live within 10 miles of their workplace, but in London this figure drops to less than a quarter – largely as a result of the fact that many Londoners work in the city centre where property is not affordable.

If you are looking to reduce your commute, the easiest way of doing this is by moving closer to the station you normally use. While this is likely to be more expensive, it will also be more affordable than moving into Central London, and can still shorten your commute significantly.

If, like our respondents, you are looking to move within West London to shorten your commute, contact your local Thorgills team today.