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Thorgills personal growth programme is what we like to think of as a game changer when selecting the right organisation to work for.  When you join Thorgills you embark on a journey of self-development, this continues through your entire Thorgills life and is not restricted to professional development.

Naturally all new starters experience the Thorgills orientation, a full day chaperoned by an experienced member of the Thorgills team introducing you to every area of the organisation, followed by an intensive period of training. Our training is completed at an intense level when you first step through our doors, on top of this you’ll be completing regular professional development sessions, hosted both internally and externally.

Once you become a Thorgills partner (usually after six months), you are invited to attend Thorgills dream academy. A place where you can discuss on a one to one basis what you want to achieve in life and how Thorgills can help you get there. The dream academy is an optional tool for realising your dreams, involving confidential meetings approximately every six weeks.

The Thorgills personal growth programme does not have an end date, every member of the team has somewhere further they can push themselves towards. Company directors are still undergoing regular training and development to further themselves, it’s this spirit and determination that leads the company to such success.